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Pictured above: recipients of the 2014 Colored Rocks Prize – awarded to high-achieving senior male students from diverse ethnic backgrounds at Georgia high schools. Clockwise from mid-bottom: Charles Orgbon III, Jose Fragoso, Kyle Likely, Miguel Arroyo, Keith Crawford, Troy Ashe, Abel Belete, Qualon Bobbitt, Aaron Brown, Tosin Olagunju, Nick Carter, James Brannon.

Stories of 2014 Winners at Facebook.com/ColoredRocks

2015 Competition Is Now Open – Entry Deadline 1/6/15

Colored Rocks

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Almost one out of three young men of color do not graduate from Georgia high schools. In fact, Georgia suffers as one of 5 states with the worst high school graduation rates in the country. On the other hand, there are male students of color who do extremely well. Remember their faces. Remember their names. For they are using their talent to inspire and mold younger students. They are our future movers and shakers. They are known as Colored Rocks.